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Ryan Fire Protection provides all customers with rapid and professional service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while providing quality fire protection products throughout Western New York.

Ryan Fire Protection is a full service company, including:

Fire Protection Services:

Annual Backflow Testing and Repairs
Required every year by the NYS Department of Health and your water supplier to ensure that your backflow devices are operating correctly
Fire Department Connection Testing
Required every five years by NFPA 25 to ensure that the connection does not leak and operates correctly
Fire Hydrant Flow Testing and Repairs
Required annually by NFPA 25 to ensure that it is operating correctly
Fire Pump Testing and Repairs
Required annually by NFPA 25 to ensure that the fire pump is operating to the design standards of the system
Internal Pipe Examinations
Required every five years by NFPA 25 to verify that there are no foreign materials within the piping
New Backflow Installations
To protect the water supply from being contaminated
Sprinkler System Installations and Alterations
Whether it is a new system installation or a modification of an existing system
Sprinkler Inspections and Testing
Required every three months by NFPA 25 to ensure that the system is operating correctly and identify any deficiencies that may cause the system not to function correctly
Sprinkler System Repairs
For Wet or Dry Systems to bring the system back in service and functioning correctly
Standpipe Flow Testing
Required every five years by NFPA 25 to ensure that adequate water is available and that hose valves are working correctly

Resources and Products:

Fire Protection

Our services cover the full gamut of safety and security. We install and maintain the systems so there is never a moment where you, your family, your home or your business is left unprotected and vulnerable. We know you have invested a lot in your home and business. You have insurance to cover loss, you may have security lighting to help prevent theft or burglary. Having top of the line fire protection installed to give you ample warning of a fire is the next logical step. Businesses and homes that have professional fire protection systems installed may also find a deduction in their insurance costs. Your home and business deserve the ultimate in fire protection and Ryan delivers nothing less than that.

A reliable fire protection system helps everyone sleep better at night. Knowing your home or business has been equipped with an expertly installed, professionally tested and maintained fire protection system is an invaluable feeling of safety and security.

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